Roofing / Gutters

Are you needing a new roof? Are you unsure? If you have questions then its time to contact us and have one of our qualified service technicians come out and give you an evaluation on your roof system. We work with a verity of different products to suit your needs.


Do you have siding, stucco or even stone on your home? Is it old, rotted,  vinyl cracked, maybe your mortar is just falling out. Yes we do that too!

 We repair and install all different types of exterior wall covering here at HANDYMANNEARUS.COM so don't wait CALL US TODAY.


Does your concrete driveway or your sidewalk look like it has been in battle? Are you ready for a different look than the old simple concrete pour? Would you rather have the look of a stamped or stained concrete. spruce it up with a splash of color or texture. Give us a call or email to have a pro call you back to set up an appointment to come out and talk to you about the look you are wanting for your home 


Are you ready for some privacy from the neighbors or are you just trying to give a little more curb appeal to the exterior of your home? Did your fence break due to the landscapers hitting it with their mower? If you need a new install or a repair we have professional service technicians for this too.

Paint / Stain

This one of the cheapest ways to upgrade the outside of your home. So if you need a quick but dramatic change this will be right up you alley. Call today and have one of our professional painters our to give you an estimate for the exterior look you are wanting to archive.


Is it time to finally add on that addition living space on the back of your house?  Then it is time to expand outside with a luxury outdoor living space. 

  You may already have a deck but over time it has been beaten up by the weather. Give us call we can make it look new again