Is it time to update that old dull paint on the walls in your family room, bedroom or any other room in your home to the color that matches the rest of your décor?  Let one of our professional painters come over and talk with you to decide on the right color to make it the room of your dreams.

Drywall Repair

Do you have drywall holes or damage in your  walls from that door knob that got swung open or from moving a big bulky appliance in or out. we are here to make the repair and make it look like it never happened. 


Are you tired of that old ceiling texture look and ready for a new one? We can match or change any ceiling texture that will fit your needs. We can remove it and take that old ceiling and make it new again with a smooth look .


Do you need your old ceiling fan or wall sconce updated? Maybe you have a light switch or a wall outlet that has gone bad we have you covered. Do you have a bathroom that needs an exhaust fan installed because when you purchased your home it did not have one and your getting a lot of steam in there when you take a shower and it has nowhere to go we can do it.


Have you noticed water around your toilet and your not sure what is causing it? Is your sink draining slower than it use to? Or maybe you have noticed a stain on your ceiling. Give us a call so we can get that water issue a resolved.

Doors and Windows

Are you looking to update your doors or your trim?  Or are you having troubles closing one of your doors? Maybe you"re just ready to have a new look. We can make it happen!  Looking to update your door hardware such as door handles and hinges. Are  you ready to make a statement with some new baseboards or maybe some elegant crown molding then don't wait call us today!